A Comprehensive Selection Guide For Kitchen Scissors

Whether running a professional kitchen or cooking in your house, every kitchen area deserves the best kitchen scissors. Everything is controlled with a good pair of kitchen scissors, from cutting dough and packages to trimming herbs and deboning poultry. But these versatile tools are often underrated and gets unnoticed. Imagine you are planning a whole chicken meal for Sunday dinner, where the first step would be preparing the chicken. Can you complete the process without your kitchen scissor?

Whether you are a chef, a home cook or a seasoned culinary expert, your every cut and chop can make a difference. To ensure you get the perfect cut, here is our guide to help you find the best kitchen scissors.

But what exactly are kitchen scissors? How are they different from regular scissors?


What Are Kitchen Scissors?

Kitchen Scissors, often known as kitchen shears, are not ordinary scissors. They are kitchen tools created especially for food preparation tasks. The blades on the kitchen scissors are sturdy and more exceptional than typical scissors.


Types of Kitchen Scissors And Their Functionalities

As we have mentioned earlier that kitchen shears are versatile, they are versatile by types and functionalities. To find the best kitchen scissors, knowing about their type and functionalities is a must. You should choose your perfect kitchen scissor based on the kitchen scissor uses and your need. You must recognize your requirement first to avoid ending up with the wrong one.

Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors

As the name suggests, these are the all-purpose kitchen scissors and quite the all-rounder of the kitchen scissor world. They are versatile and can handle various tasks, such as cutting herbs, vegetables, meat, and even opening packages. Multipurpose kitchen scissors usually have serrated blades for better grip and cutting performance. They are a must-have for any kitchen due to their adaptability.

Poultry Shears

To make perfectly cooked chicken or barbecue, you must cut and thoroughly debone the poultry. The primary material used to make poultry scissors is forged surgical stainless steel, which facilitates cutting through meat. It can be used for other cutting and chopping tasks that call for precision cutting in addition to cutting poultry. These scissors have a safety latch to be stored safely because the edges are very sharp.

Herb Scissors

These are mainly sharp and edgy as they are often used to cut herbs and meat. To finely mince your herbs, these scissors are game-changers. These are the best scissors for kitchen use if you work at a restaurant. To mention a great quality product in this category, I would like to mention the Herb Scissors Kitchen Accessories at Fasaka. These stainless steel chopping herb scissors have the perfect thickness to finely cut herbs for decoration and many more purposes.

Seafood Scissors

The seafood scissors are the most helpful kitchen tool for removing meat from lobster and crab legs and deveining shrimp. This scissor comes with a curved blade to make the process easier. The small legs and cracking area make it easy to peel the shrimp. When using the scissors, the first step in removing meat from a lobster is to crack the claws with the serrations on the inner edges of the handles.

Boning Scissors

The boning scissors are made for dedicated tasks like reducing meat from the bone. Usually, these scissors come with pointed blades. With these tools, you can scale fish, open jars and cans, crack lobster and crab shells, and chicken bones. Without knowing how to use kitchen scissors, utilizing boning scissors might become difficult for you.

Heavy-Duty Scissors

These kitchen shears are designed to cut through tougher materials like thicker pieces of meat, bones from poultry, and even small kitchen items like twine or packaging materials. They are built to resist additional pressure and force.


Material and design

Selecting the right material and design for finding your best kitchen scissors is another important aspect to ensure their functionality, durability, and comfort. To Decide which material to choose from a plethora of options, we suggest opting for scissors with high-quality stainless steel blades. This material offers excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and the ability to maintain sharpness over time. Most scissors are made of carbon steel, which isn’t much durable for use as cooking utensils.

The material of the kitchen scissors handle ensures comfort and grip. We have listed here some handle options that you may choose from –

Plastic Handles: Plastic handles are lightweight, easy to clean, and very common. If you are choosing plastic handles, go with the textured ones or ones with rubberized grips for better control. These are perfect for working with wet or slippery ingredients.

Metal Handles: Kitchen scissors with durable metal handles provide a concrete feeling. However, if you choose scissors with metal handles, make sure they have a comfortable grip, otherwise, it may end up hurting your hands.

Which Handle Design To Choose?

The versatility of kitchen scissors continues with their handle designs too. Once you chose your preferred handle material, the next step to finding the best kitchen scissors is choosing the design of the handle. Followings are some of the handle designs that you may choose from –

Ergonomics: Kitchen scissors with an ergonomic design fit comfortably in one’s hand. This design of scissor handle comes with a contoured shape, and a soft, non-slip grip. Due to its comfortable fit and shape, the handle provides better control for longer use.

Spring Design: The design lets the scissor automatically open the blades after each cut. This mechanism can make the scissors easier to use if you are using them for a long time.

Lock System: Many kitchen scissors have a locking system handle that holds the blades together. The locking feature adds an extra layer of safety and prevents accidental cuts.

Deciding On The Blades Design

The blade’s design of a kitchen scissor can affect the scissors’ overall performance and versatility. Various options are available in kitchen scissors blade design that also serves various purposes. The kitchen shears come in different blade lengths, which may range between 3 to 8 inches. Consider what tasks you’ll use the shears for most and choose a blade length that suits those tasks.

Consider kitchen scissors with one serrated blade depending on your requirement, which enhances cutting efficiency by providing a better grip on various materials.

How Does It Feel?

When selecting the best kitchen scissors, it matters how the material feels on your hand. Consider factors like blade design, handle design, and overall comfort to choose your best companion in the kitchen.


Blade Notch: What Are They?

Some kitchen shear comes with a blade notch. The notch is often referred to as a bone notch or a bone-cutting notch. The notch comes with a dedicated purpose which makes them eventually handy.

Differences between a straight notch and a curved notch blade

A straight notch is a simple, linear indentation on the blades. These designs of notch founds in multipurpose kitchen scissors. The design provides a sturdy edge for cutting through thicker materials. The straight-notch designs are versatile and can be used for various tasks. The design offers a wide range of cutting capabilities and is particularly useful for more robust cutting requirements.

The difference in curved notch blades is, they have a semicircular indentation. Usually, you will notice this design in specialized scissors. The curved notch blades are designed for precise tasks. The curved notch allows controlled and accurate cuts around joints, bones, and other complex areas.


Choosing the Right Notch

Between straight-notch and curved-notch scissors, you can choose the one that fulfills your specific requirements. A straight notch is suitable for cracking nuts, cutting through thicker bones, and opening packages while the curved notch blade scissor works great with delicate tasks like deboning fish or trimming meat from bones. Additionally, a curved notch blade scissor provides great precision in its cut.


Convenience and Safety

Kitchen scissors can get messy, especially when dealing with sticky or oily ingredients. That’s why it’s important to choose a design that facilitates easy cleaning. There are some scissor models that come with a detachable blade which makes it easy to clean all the nooks and crannies thoroughly.

When considering convenience for kitchen scissors it’s important to look for options that provide ease of use. Consider how easily the scissor opens and closes. Checking this can affect your efficiency in the kitchen and your comfort during repetitive tasks.

The ease of opening and closing scissors also affects safety. Scissors that require excessive force or have a jerky motion can increase the risk of accidents. Smooth-operating scissors minimize the chances of mishaps.

Additionally, you can consider kitchen scissors that are dishwasher-safe. This will save you a lot of time for cleanup after a cooking session. However, it’s still recommended that you hand wash your scissor and let them dry naturally.


Choose The Best Brand And Consider The Price

When purchasing kitchen scissors, a reliable brand is the top priority. A reliable brand provides a balance between quality, functionality, durability, and price. Many reputable brands have earned a reputation for producing high-quality kitchen tools, including scissors. Remember that the “best” brand may vary based on individual preferences and specific needs. Depending on the product reviews, touch, and manufacturing quality you can easily decide the perfect brand.  If you consider a reputable brand for purchasing best-quality kitchen scissors the price can be relatably high.

For commercial needs, the best way to save money is to purchase kitchen scissors in bulk. FASAKA offers reliable quality kitchen scissors and delivers the product with utmost safety.



The purpose of writing this guide was to ensure that you easily choose the best kitchen scissors. As you read our guide thoroughly, you can confidently decide by considering factors like blade material, handle design, functionality, convenience, safety features, and budget. While looking at all the points above, you must consider a great brand cause they offer reliability.  A good pair of kitchen scissors can simplify your cooking process, making meal preparation a breeze and enhancing your overall culinary experience. Whether you’re a casual cook or a passionate chef, the right kitchen scissors can truly become your culinary partner in the kitchen. If you are still undecided about where to go for the best kitchen scissors, don’t worry, visit FASAKA, they have a massive collection of high-quality kitchen shears.

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