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Elegantly Constructed Non-stick Knife

Elegant craftsmanship with precision design, FASAKA non-stick knives are both sharp and reliable. Made from surgical stainless steel, the blades are both razor-sharp and food-grade. The non-stick features and easy-grip handles make cooking preparation easy.


Our experts are happy to help make your custom non-stick knife, from the blade shape to the knife handle. And with various partner manufacturers, we can provide the best custom non-stick blades at the best wholesale prices.

Non-stick Design

FASAKA’s non-stick knives are coated with PFOA free Teflon, designed with holes near the cutting edge to reduce friction


Our razor-sharp blades are suitable for any job, from cutting vegetables and portioning meats to filleting delicate fish.

Premium Quality

Sharp and beautiful, our blades give you the professional performance of high-end cutlery in your kitchen at an affordable price.


Our non-stick kitchen knives are flexible, expertly crafted surgical high carbon steel that makes cuts effortless and has excellent edge retention.


Benefits from FASAKA Non-stick Kitchen Knives

Because of their luxurious patterns and reliability, FASAKA Damascus knives are among the highest quality kitchen knives on the market. We partner with the best knife manufacturers to provide the best Damascus blades that are beautiful and functional.

Reliable Supplier of Custom Non-stick Kitchen Knives

Make FASAKA your partner in making custom non-stick kitchen knives. We provide the finest blades and top-quality designs. With two decades of experience in the market, we have various designs to create your custom blades.

Additionally, we have seasoned auditors who review each custom non-stick kitchen knife batch to ensure they meet our quality standards. Plus, longstanding partnerships with expert manufacturers allow us to manage production and delivery times.

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