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Versatile Kitchen Scissors

When cutting either herbs, vegetables, or poultry, a dependable pair of kitchen shears sharp enough to effortlessly cut garnishes or through tendons and bones makes a world of difference.


FASAKA’s line of kitchen scissors is sharp, reliable, easy to use, and clean. We are capable of adjusting the handle style, color, and additional features of these kitchen scissors to fit your branding and market demand.

Selected Materials

FASAKA’s kitchen scissors are made from high-quality materials to ensure reliability, edge retention, and comfortable handles – ideal for any food preparation.

Perfect Handle Shape

A well-made handle is essential for a reliable kitchen scissor. Our handle designs are comfortable to use on both hands.

Easy to Clean

Kitchen scissors must not only be reliable but easy to clean. Our shears are also dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning.

Impeccable Performance for Kitchen Tasks

Our multi-purpose kitchen scissors are robust and built to do any snipping or cutting task in the kitchen.


Benefits from FASAKA Kitchen Scissors

Boost your sales with FASAKA’s kitchen scissors made with durable materials and designed for any kitchen application. From fast order completion to vast scissor customization, our kitchen scissors offer the best value for your budget and guarantee increased profits and brand recognition.

Reliable Supplier of Custom Kitchen Scissors

Partner with FASAKA to provide custom kitchen scissors for your brand. Being in the industry for decades, we have partnered with the best manufacturers to offer the best quality shears in the market. Our long-standing partnership with the best factories provides the finest quality kitchen scissors.


We gather the best factories as our partners to provide the finest custom kitchen shears to our clients, both reliable and elegant in design.

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