Accessible Custom Manufacturing

We offer streamlined custom manufacturing services to effectively meet your specific requests, bringing all your ideas and blueprints into reality.

Get Your Products from Quote to Delivery

After-sale Warranty

FASAKA has an excellent after-sales warranty if there’s a quality issue with the product. Simply provide us documentation of the concern, like pictures and videos, to help us determine the cause of the problem. Then, the quality inspection team will reinforce targeted inspection in the follow-up process. Results will then be forwarded to our production team for application, with the business team providing appropriate compensation for the inconvenience.

FASAKA also has impressive after-sales service. If the product has no quality issues, a follow-up will be made by the marketing and purchasing department and provide product purchasing recommendations. We annually visit customers to discern the changes in our clients’ market and purchasing needs.

Tell us what you’re thinking about.

It doesn’t matter if you only have ideas and don’t have any design drafts. We offer you our professional consultation and design services for free!


Make precise drawings.

FASAKA’s team of professional engineers will take care of your ready-made notes and manuscripts. We will make precise drawings out of your documents.


3D files & 3D printing

FASAKA offers free fast 3D Proofing. We are equipped with 3D printers that can rapidly create 3D prototypes to help quickly evaluate the product design feasibility.


Free samples to check your needs.

We can provide you with a free product sample so you can check if it fits your requirements. The sample delivery time is as fast as 7 days.


Match a manufacturer to do the mass production.

We have a well-established relationship with numerous outstanding manufacturers. We can match you with the most suitable manufacturer to help you with mass production.


Your products will be delivered on time.

Here at FASAKA, we value our clients’ time and product quality. The general delivery time of our finished products is between 20 to 30 days.


Please keep in touch so that we can re-serve you.

Don’t hesitate to keep your line of communication open. We appreciate all your feedback or concerns. And we are more than happy to serve you time and again 🙂


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